ATTENTION: We’ve changed how we do business, to safely serve your home. Please read more about our COVID-19 Response.

ATTENTION: We’ve changed how we do business, to safely serve your home. Please read more about our COVID-19 Response.

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Humidifier Service


Due to the climate we live in, most Canadians have felt the discomfort dry air can cause. A humidifier can make indoor air more comfortable and offer moisture relief for dry skin, dry sinuses, and sore throat. Our experts can help you select and install a high-quality humidification system that will meet your unique space and budget requirements. 


We are available 24/7 to assist you with humidifier repair, maintainable, and replacement. Our technicians are truly local to you as they live and work in the communities they serve. We have earned a reputation for the highest quality services in Ottawa.


To request a free estimate on humidifier equipment, call us today.


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Ottawa Humidifiers for Rent

Dry air is a problem throughout Ottawa during the winter. Humidifiers can be effective for treating dryness of the skin, nose, throat, and lips. Humidification also reduces your heating bills, as moist air contributes to warmth, allowing you to set the temperature a little bit lower.

We are committed to every customer and strive to build strong relationships, providing solutions that surpass all expectations. Our rental program offers a number of benefits, including:

  •         Affordable monthly rates.
  •         Professional cutting-edge equipment.
  •         Service and repairs are included in the low monthly fee.
  •         Honeywell humidifiers are quiet, durable, and easy to fill.
  •     Levoit humidifiers are great for large spaces and exceptionally dry, demanding environments.
  •    Vicks humidifiers are a good choice for budget shoppers.
  •   TaoTronics humidifiers are exceptionally quiet
  •   Dyson humidifiers are solidly constructed and attractively designed
  •   Crane humidifiers have ground-breaking designs and incorporate innovative technology.
  •   Prompt service on all equipment.

    We offer a wide range of humidifiers that suit every application.

    If you’re planning to rent a humidifier, our team would be happy to assist and provide you with the most cost-effective solution.

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Humidifier Repair & Maintenance

We provide repair and maintenance services for all makes and models of humidification systems. Proper maintenance of a humidifier will prevent a lot of problems. You can always rely on our skills, experience, and expertise to help ensure that your humidifier is in top condition.


Our experts can repair a unit of any age, and save you a few bucks along the way. Here are some common red flags of the need for professional repair service.


  •         Humidifier isn’t working.
  •         Humidifier isn’t producing mist.
  •         Humidifier is making noise.
  •         Humidifier is leaking.
  •         Bad odor from the humidifier.


We can perform same day repair service on most models. Also, we can give you advice on what to do to keep a humidifier working optimally. Our service pros are here to help to extend the life of your humidifier. For more information on how we can help you, please contact us anytime. We’re there for you 24/7.

If you still are not sure if the duct air conditioning system suits you, contact our 24/7 Support Service Center.

Professional Humidifier Installations

If the air in your home is too dry and you would like to invest in humidity control services, we are here to assist you. Our experts can take care of the installation process to make sure things run smoothly.

Several factors affect the humidifier installation, including:

  • Electrical modifications

Humidifiers may require electrical work such as adding a designated outlet. Some major electrical modifications may be required.

  • Plumbing modifications

Humidifiers rely on water from a home’s plumbing to humidify the air. During installation, plumbing modifications may be required.

  • Humidifier type

Humidifiers come in different types.

We offer humidifier installation in 3 easy steps:

Step 1. Call or schedule your humidifier installation online.

Step 2. The installation takes about 2 to 6 hours depending on electrical and plumbing modifications to the home.

Step 3. Once the humidifier is installed, we’ll thoroughly test it to make sure it works properly.

If you have any questions, we’re ready to assist you today.

Buy Humidifiers With HVAC Service Ottawa

When humidity is added back into the air, it not only helps dry nasal and sinus passages but can also make a big difference in how you look and feel. We are committed to providing the highest quality service and products from trusted brands, including Honeywell, Levoit, Vicks, TaoTronics, Dyson, and Crane. 

If you will decide to purchase a humidifier, we will walk you through the best options for your home, your family, and your budget. In shopping for the best humidifier, there are several things to consider before you make your choice:

Are you looking to humidify a small room only or a whole house?

What is the size of the room or your entire house? 

What level of humidity is required?

What energy source is available?

Is energy cost or carbon footprint an important consideration?

What maintenance costs are acceptable?

From product selection to servicing, you can count on our experienced team to get the job done. All our technicians are up-to-date on product updates and technological advances. Contact us today and our expert will offer a customized solution.


What is the Types of Humidifiers?

The type of humidifier you choose can depend on your preferences, budget, and the size of the area you want to add moisture to. There are five types of humidifiers:

  •         Central humidifiers

Central humidifiers are built directly into your home’s air conditioning or heating unit. They’re the best choice if you want to add humidity throughout the entire house.

  •         Evaporators

The evaporative humidifier works basically with the concept of evaporation of moisture to keep the house away from drying. Evaporators blow moisture through a moistened filter.

  •         Impeller humidifiers

Impeller humidifiers work with the help of rotating disks that run at high speeds. They are among the most child-friendly devices.

  •         Steam vaporizers

Steam vaporizers are electrically powered – they heat water, cool it, and expel it into the air.

  •         Ultrasonic humidifiers

Ultrasonic humidifiers produce a cool mist with the help of ultrasonic vibration.

When you’re looking for the best mix of features, Honeywell can offer a wide range of humidifiers that can cater to any home environments in Ottawa. We can help you to pick the right humidifier for your home. Our experts provide the most comprehensive and personalized service possible.

How to clean the Honeywell humidifier?

With frequent use, mold and mineral deposits can begin to build up on the internal components of the Honeywell humidifier, potentially reintroducing harmful substances to the air. To thoroughly clean your Honeywell humidifier, there are two main steps. It is important to first remove the humidifier scale for the Honeywell humidifier to perform properly. The second important part is to disinfect your humidifier, which will kill microbes such as mold, bacteria, and viruses. Humidifiers can be a breeding ground for bacteria and fungus if not cleaned regularly, and the filter is no exception. To ensure your Honeywell Humidifier is always functioning at full capacity, it is recommended to change the filter every 1-3 months depending on usage. The humidifier filter must be replaced regularly, but hand-cleaning can extend its lifetime. Don’t forget to unplug your device to avoid any incidents. Once you unplug, remove the filter. After cleaning the device and filter, make sure that you place back everything correctly.

What is the best air purifier for dust removal?

Dust consists of dead skin flakes, dirt, dander, dust mites, and more. Air purifiers are an ideal solution for dust problems. They deeply cleanse the surrounding air, rid of pollutants and substances that are not visible to the naked eye. To stay in the list of best air purifiers for dust, an air purifier must have the True HEPA filter. Also, you can check CADR rating which tells exactly how fast your air purifier could clean an amount of dust in one specific time. CADR stands for Clean Air Delivery Rate. It will show you exactly how much of the specific particles will be removed from the air. For example, an air purifier with CADR rating of 300 cfm will clean a room of 300 sq ft much faster than an air purifier with CADR rating of only 200 cfm. And an ionic filter will help to capture the dust and dust mites easier. We can help you to choose the right air purifier.

Where to buy Honeywell humidifiers in Ottawa?

A Honeywell Humidifier can add moisture to the room air, making the room feel warmer and more comfortable. We are proud to offer Honeywell humidifiers and can help you to choose the one that will suit your needs and budget. If you are looking to buy, rent, or repair a Honeywell humidifier in Ottawa, or have any questions, please contact us to speak to a member of our team. We would be happy to assist and provide you with the most cost-effective solution.

Customer reviews

Jordan Robinson

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I'm not the type of person who cares a lot about my own household equipment health. And that played a low-down trick with me. It turned out that in order to function correctly and long, the air conditioner should be served and maintained regularly. Of course, I haven't done that, and my mini-split got out of order. Thank God, my wife found the HVAC Ottawa website, so we decided to call them immediately. We needed a quick repair. The specialist arrived on the same day. He had all the necessary instruments and spare parts in his truck. Thus, the entire repair process didn't take long, and everything was ready on the same day. Kevin also offered us a good Protection Plan to overcome such incidents in the future. Really recommend this service to everyone! P.S. That you a lot, Kevin! You saved our day!


James-Anthony Forten

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For me, these guys and ladies are absolute leaders! When it comes to water heating equipment, they know it inside and out! A few days ago, I decided to get read of my old channel water heater. I should admit that had to be done a long time ago. So I decided to find the nearest shop. Luckily, Google Maps hinted me to HVAC Ottawa. The guys helped me find a powerful and not expensive tankless water heater. Plus, they removed the old one and set up a new model for free. That blew my socks off!


Camilla Tyler

Rating from:

I've never thought that to find just a good HVAC service in Ottawa would be so hard. I’ve tried several options, but they, to tell the truth, failed. Thank my partner, she found HVAC Ottawa (some colleague recommended it to her). And now we use only their services. Now, our equipment runs like clockwork! Definitely recommend!


Emile Sunders

Rating from:

How can I characterize HVAC Ottawa? Maybe, the best words will be high quality at low prices. I use their services regularly for different purposes - to clean filters, repair my furnace and so on. A humidifier was my recent purchase, and this device is pretty good as everything else here. Five stars for keeping service high!